The Difference and Benefits between Aluminum Shopfront & Curtain Walling

Although an element in the larger reckoning of commercial building design and construction, storefronts, and curtain walls can basically be two different types of conventional framing systems for the exterior of office or retail buildings, aside from being physically different, each of the two framing methods is utilized for various objectives in order to cover the entire spectrum of needs where architecture will come into play.

Introduction to Aluminum Shopfront & Curtain Walling

An aluminum shopfront can either be incorporated into a larger structure or, and it can be made to surround a certain space simultaneously. Besides this kind of choice to work with, an aluminum shopfront, as its name depicts, mainly specializes in showcasing products or goods behind a glass facade from the storefronts on the inside of the building. In addition, the frontage system can also be used in showcasing stores belonging to the offices themselves when heated floors use in the interior walls also functions as a sort of café-sized amenities that appear to have its doors and windows in the storefront.

Curtain walling is basically an element that allows more access to insides of a building. Some of the most common uses of metal curtain walls are limited to open-faced environments in residential, commercial, and even manufacturing places. These kinds of structures are basically holed up on the outside by a skin that lines and covers virtually the entire interior surface of the vertical surfaces on the building.

After close observation of the two, the important points you have to keep in mind on deciding when one idea is better than the other can turn out to be the finishing details of the building itself. However, with regards to the total cost needed for both options, curtain walls can be a long-term, effective solution.

Price & Long-Term Value

Price comparisons show a clear difference between aluminum shopfront and metal curtain walling; metal curtain walls can go up to a higher bid price than the other. When you decide to use this idea, curtain walls can also accomplish the expensive aim of achieving a modern space with dynamic visual and physical elements composed that will simply take you away from the passé look of old or outdated storefront design.


There are also some aspects that could trump both metals in your aim to achieve a successful storefront design. When this comes to aesthetics, neither is more or less than each other in terms of practical or performance elements such as cooling or warming machine functions. However, you still have to pay the price for both in terms of price as well in terms of your consideration with what you will get out of the two choices in order to see how much further you will get from the equation.

In terms of aesthetics, Aluminum Shopfront works perfectly for stores where the front-line display will turn out to be the main purpose, while on the other hand, Metal Curtain Walls will give excellent value to creative choices with brilliant glass embedded in it that can help you turn a separate space into comfortable living quarters so you can save more.