The 5 Best Security Options for Small Businesses

As a responsible business owner, it’s up to you to keep your business data secure and the employees that carry out your company’s day-to-day operations safe. If a physical security breach occurs, it could mean lost revenue, stolen property, and new expenses. It could mean the loss of reputation as well as valuable data such as company information, personal information about customers, banking, and customer credit card information, or new product research. You want to protect your data!

1. Alarms and Lights

Theft is the number one threat to small businesses in the U.S., with seemingly every third small business having the same experience. Small business owners might think physical security is the last thing on their mind when the profit margin is being squeezed, but leaving a business vulnerable to physical security breaches is an all-rookie mistake.

One of the first steps business owners should have in place is an alarm system and bank-grade motion-activated outdoor lighting. Alarms and lights may seem like a hassle to install and may require an initial investment, but the alternative is spending much more replacing valuable information and technology products, or replacing employees who leave the area for safer pastures. It’s cheaper to listen to the experts and install a proactive security system as a safeguard.

Have it installed at the beginning of your business plan so that it will always be at the front of your mind. If you’re already running a business and haven’t installed an alarm system and outdoor lighting, it’s never too late. Nothing is more expensive than cleaning up a breach.

2. Commercial Grade Shutters

Once you have the basics of an alarm and a security lighting system in place, the next thing small business owners should consider is their windows – specifically their glass windows. A large glass window in or near the front door makes an excellent target, as broken windows mean an unlocked door. Especially for businesses that serve customers on-site, whether for coffee, dining, or massages, having glass windows makes things easy for would-be robbers.

You could consider installing roller shutters made from steel, aluminum, or galvanized metal in order to prevent windows from being smashed and intruders gaining access. Shutters are especially useful if you live in a rural area that enjoys a lot of visitors. You could even consider installing metal screens or security grilles fixed to the outside of the window, especially if you need to consider easy mounting, such as in a restaurant.

3. Locks

If physical security is a serious concern for you, have a locksmith install a deadbolt with a mandatory four-tumbler solution along with a padlock. High tech thieves can and will get into your place if they want to, so upgrading your locks ensures that even if your locks are picked, it will take a short time (depending on the sophistication of the lock) for someone to gain access.

4. Durable Doors & Windows

Aliminium Doors and windows form the first line of security for your commercial premises. One can easily compromise the entire security system installed on the premise if this part of the premise is not secured. Intruders can easily break the glass or wooden window or the door and gain access to the premise to commit theft.

Commercial-grade solid construction door and window are required in order to provide the necessary security for the premise. The most common option for good solid doors and windows are of steel construction. As steel is thick and expensive, a less expensive and lighter alternative of aluminum is also available. Aluminum track doors operate easily and are resistant to damage caused by misalignment. These doors, according to the key features, are robust, fireproof, offer heavy-duty performance and security, durable in nature, and in a variety of modern themes.

5. Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Systems are the only foolproof method to deter and prevent both physical security break-ins as well as theft and vandalism of company assets. Surveillance footage is one of the most common ways to catch employee or customer thieves. With just a bit of analysis, theft can be caught, and law enforcement can be notified for their intervention. Additionally, video footage can be used as a court evidence piece.


By implementing these apt security measures, small businesses can be proactive in deterring small-scale theft, as well as physical security breaches.

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