Steel Fire Exit Doors

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AKAL Fire Exit Doors Steel fire exit doors are mainly used for fires escape routes and are stronger and
tougher than wood, PVC or aluminium based fire exits allowing a better containment in a
fire and can resist the power of burning much longer than traditional materials such as
wood or PVC.

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Fire Exit Doors

Fire Exit Doors

Our steel fire exit doors easily meet the requirements of a fire door and are built to recognised standards. The purpose of our complete assembly which includes the framework, any panels, seals and glass, is to form a barrier against the passage of fire and smoke. 

Our steel doors can be finished in a range of powder coated colours and can be fitted with optional extras 


  • Kick plates
  • Spy viewers
  • See through panels
  • Ventilated panels
  • Side or top panels
  • Choice of glazing
  • Letter boxes



  1. Door Leaf

45mm thickness, fitted with a flush lipped astragal for added security.

Comprising of 2 x 1.2mm rustic steel sheets, the leaf is internally bonded with a dutch fold stitch welded system providing greater stability and protection from de-lamination.

  1. Framework

Manufactured from 1.6mm rustic steel.

Single rebate 104mm wide frame with additional rebate for flush lip.


Safety Precautions

Fire exit doors are external doors positioned so that in case of an emergency it allows people to exit the premises safely and quickly. The exit door’s horizontal panic bar should be easy to push to open the door outwards; it is a requirement for all fire exits to have a push bar if the exit door is lockable.

Emergency doors can be locked as long as they can be opened internally in an emergency. Some businesses do leave their fire exits unlocked, however it poses as a security risk and can invite unwelcome visitors. To overcome this, our security fire doors can be installed with locks that are lockable externally, yet still function as an exit door in situations that require quick egress from a building.

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