Aluminum Shopfront

How to Take Care and Maintain your Aluminum Shopfront?

Aluminum Shopfront is the epitome of durability and can withstand extreme weather elements. A head above their wooden counterparts, their operation isn’t hindered by the day-to-day activities of households.

Although Aluminium shopfront has a lot of unexpected advantages such as their large array of designs as well as their ease of installation and maintenance, it does not mean that these shopfronts are perfect and should not require any attention at any point in time. Maintainance for any shopfront is essential. More so, when it is made up of aluminum, which is one of the most sought-after materials when it comes to the door construction.

4 Ways to Take Care and Maintain Your Aluminum Shopfront


An effective way to clean up the surface areas around your aluminum shopfront is to put to use a stiff brush in order to scour around the sashes – a location where dirt and grit gather pretty commonly.

Aluminum doors benefit from an easy clean surface, eliminating the need to regularly paint them like their wooden counterparts. But constant opening can cause paint wear and tear, which might eventually damage the surface. It is good to give it a wipe down with a clean and damp cloth once a month to keep it clean and save the aluminum from paint wear. Proper maintenance of your Shopfront will put a smile on your face and your customers’ face!

Maintaining the Surface of the Shopfront:

The outside part of the doors suffers the most weather damage, such as hail, frost, rain, and snow. It is very important to maintain the outer surface of these doors to withstand these extreme climates. Standard maintenance would be to clear off the dirt particles, cleaned properly, and re-applied with a storm-proofing paint that is UV resistant, which will prevent the surface from against the damaging UV radiation. Doing so will significantly prolong their service life.

Repair unnoticed Faded Spots:

It is easy to notice all the negative things that can happen to the doors, but it is not easy to spot those very first unnoticed spots. This is the reason we suggest to wipe every side of the exterior of the doors weekly either while it is shut or open. This slows down the fading process until a certain time when it needs its first touch up. If you have a metal door that doesn’t start fading at all, there is nothing much that you need to do, just a good rub down with the brush will keep it protected. So, spot repairs are never a wrong idea, but if the problem is pretty serious, consider repainting the complete area.

Lubricate the Door Handles:

Tighten the closure of any sliding glass door either on the side of the handle or triggering the bar of the door. It is a common procedure of lubricating the wheels of a door with fresh grease. It is because it reduces the friction that keeps the door moving by keeping the internal rails clear of any dirt. This lubrication is crucial to reduce the wear and tear of the joints, which increases the lifespan of the wires over time. Lubrication is the key:

Also, door handles can be locked in very often or fail to lock in the case of metal sliding doors. There are also chances if the door is worked up with rust substances. It is required that you must clean them whenever they are blocked in order to avoid any bad incidents.