How Smartglass Design Is Changing the Way We Build?

Technology’s rate of expansion continues to accelerate with the passage of time, and our eyes continue to adapt to see and process as much, if not more, information than before. But in accordance, our technology continues to advance even faster than our secondary senses. Architects must develop close relationships and remain in relative proximity to the latest technological advancements that may affect their work. Design trends, as well as the latest building materials, remain relevant for a relatively short period of time; architects need to know what they are using inside and out so they can better communicate ideas with clients.

In the times of fast-paced development, it may be hard for modern architects to stay informed on all innovations in the design field. The following article may serve as a guideline for designers who would like to incorporate innovative smart glass technology concepts in their design projects to further improve, streamline, and simplify the building of the future.

What Exactly Are Smartglass?

Electric Smartglass is a soothing new type of electric, switchable glass designed to alter the look and appearance of inner glass surfaces. It can be controlled by flipping a switch and is composed of transparent safety glass controlled and powered by motorized electronics and solenoids. Since the transparent glass was first introduced, this technology has developed into a product that is easy to install, service, and integrate into a building’s normal operations. It is now widely used on glass openings in commercial or residential properties as a security device, an environmental control, or simply to create a better aesthetic appearance.

Building Entrance

The switchable smartglass is an aesthetically appealing entrée as well as an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for controlling energy flow and light transmission in commercial properties, such as hotels and office buildings. It can be used as an unobtrusive, minimalist aesthetical entrance for skyscrapers, hotels, and other premises, with the appearance of a natural and distinguished piece of art while helping to protect indoor and outdoor environments from the elements.

Switchable smartglass lends itself well to creating bespoke design solutions for entrance halls and entire interior facades. The variable tint can be adapted to all sorts of specific events, or simply used for effect, switching between clear and tinted states. For example, the switchable smartglass in a hotel entrance could be customized for various celebrities and VIP guests on various occasions. This would serve the dual purpose of giving fans a chance to catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrities while providing a protected zone for privacy.


When setting the design for a hospital, one must consider both design aspects that enhance its attractiveness and practicality features that improve the patient’s hospitalization experience in order to make it more comfortable. Additions, services, or products that increase a hospital’s infection control are equally important as unique design features that bring a positive, new experience for the patient that is both memorable and inviting.

Switchable smartglass filters and screens with variable levels of transparency can be introduced to hospitals for both privacy and aesthetics, presenting possibilities for a greater variety of treatment scenarios and patient comforting designs that will contribute to the overall hospital success rate and calm appearance of the premises.


Switchable smartglass effectively filters and blocks outside light, preventing it from interrupting the adaptability of productivity in the workplace and having an overall positive effect on the employee’s health and wellness. It effectively isolates sections of the workplace environment in a controlled manner – without affecting the interior design too much.

Boasting so many uses in commercial applications and perceptive architecture, the power of switchable smartglass grows exponentially, from use as switchable layered glass that can open up for sneak peeks from the old space to a work of art that can be a centerpiece in a public space of a building. It’s important for an architect to understand the process of how switchable smartglass is manufactured, and how to coordinate the proper textures and finishes for each specific project.

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