How Electric Smart Glass is Being Used in Bars and Restaurants

In the fast-paced modern world, it is getting increasingly challenging for bar and restaurant owners to develop creative strategies that attract repeat customers. In a fiercely competitive and volatile environment, hospitality businesses need to stand out from the crowd, differentiate their offering, and deliver an outstanding customer service experience if they want to succeed.

The hardest and arguably most important aspect of running a successful and profitable bar or nightclub is getting customers to spend more money and time in your venue. There are plenty of ways to do this; drink promotions and musical entertainment are the most obvious and used options. Placing large screen TVs and showing different sports and offering a varied food menu are two other noticeable and fairly effective promotions used in a bar. However, the most important aspect for all-out dominance in sales or the number of patrons, as the case may be in an establishment, is how comfortable they feel there.

The Smart Glass Effect

The switchable smart glass allows for an establishment’s architecture to be easily changed through various shades of light, which helps to deliver the perfect environment and ambiance for your club, bar, or business. The change in mood can provide a change in style, making your place more appealing to potential customers. Thus, making a switchable smart glass a vital aspect in the overall business management.

Smart glass has a sleek, modern aesthetic that complements any modern or classic bar design. More importantly, it offers several benefits that directly improve customer experience, such as:

1.  Controls Heat and Glare

Often bar and venue owners perceive that direct sunlight improves the ambiance of their business and persuades customers to stay longer. That might sound logical but scientific studies prove the opposite. A recent test at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport concluded that bars with natural, comfortable lighting with cool colors and low to moderate degrees of temperature (approx 65-75 degrees F) tend to prolong customers’ dwell time.

Smart glass doors and well as windows serve as an effective sun control solution when installed inside a bar or a venue setting. Bar and venue owners can count on this pave the way for the reduction in heat passing through the glass, and at the same time, create a controlled environment for their customers to enjoy a more comfortable and serene experience. Besides, patrons who feel discomfort due to hot temperatures may not want to hang around for too long as they may have come there just to escape the sun in the first place.

2. Creat a Mood

Smart glass can change its appearance effortlessly into a mere tint or adjust to any fine shade of color desired, making this innovation a great fit for any ambiance allowing owners to adjust the appearance of hi-tech smart glass, in order to create a more agreeable, relaxed atmosphere and in turn entice customers.

For instance, a serene, cool green might be a great tint to apply right before dinner in the evening, whereas warm and calm red might be applied for viewing sporting games and stimulating screenings. The power of change provided by a smart glass panel makes it the ideal option for controlling the mood of a setting, giving your customers the chance to choose from an abundant, wide range of options to enjoy their virtual experience.

3. Impress your customers with Electric Glass

Bring to life your unique brand with a show-stopper design and make your venue “THE” place to be, enticing customers with the amazing effects that smart glass can help you achieve. Transforming your windows or door panels into completely transparent, or Smart glass design with a well-known color or a special theme will make your establishment the focal point of attraction.

Of course, your business will benefit from the additional increase in the number of patrons visiting your premise if you take advantage of smart glass and install it in your venue’s entrance. The effects created by the smart glass are fascinating, captivating, and visually impressive. It will draw potential customers in and invite them to stick around longer. Your business can note the benefits of this modification immediately in the form of higher profits and effective customer retention.

In essence, possibilities with smart glass are endless. Smart glass offers a powerful, yet soft and sophisticated voice to the adventure of pouring your creative juices into a new creation using the unlimited freedom to design and exhibit modern themes in your bar, venue or establishment. Smart glass can project the powerful uniqueness of your chosen brand, define a fresh concept for your venue, as well as capture and electrify the attention of your customers. With a switchable smart glass, you have at your fingertips a flexible medium to control the atmosphere of your business and manage the behavior of your customers.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Located in Canary Wharf, London, The East Wintergarden is a striking glass-fronted venue fit for any occasion. With its versatile event spaces and expert event planning and management team, this warm and welcoming venue can take care of all your entertainment needs. Come and explore all The East has to offer.


To bring our valued clients an astonishing execution, building contractors worked with Smartglass International to bring to life a magnificent and inviting modern venue. The striking modern shape of the structure demanded a new twist to its attractive windows as well as the way they integrated with the entire space of the entry. The idea was to have complete control of the flow of natural light, as well as the privacy, and this was achieved by a set of state-of-the-art switchable smart glass panels.

Set within a sleek stainless-steel frame, a total of 22 LC SmartGlass panels are integrated throughout the property. 6 of these are fitted within recessed curved casings set primarily into the revolving doors at the building’s central integrated entrance, which get to work as an elegantly hygienic filter for the patrons who enter the commercial premises.

Let’s explore how smart glass can enhance your venue.

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