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AKAL Switchable privacy glass brings new versatility to interior and architectural designs and helps transform interior walls and partitions into dynamic design elements that can control light and privacy.


Electric Switchable Privacy Glass

Our switchable privacy glass uses state of the art liquid crystal technology. With the flip of a switch or other devices, clear views become private.  Delight building occupants and owners with our fast and easily controlled switchable privacy glass. Hard working and elegant our switchable privacy glass can be controlled easily with a remote switch or controlled easily through your homes smart hub.

AKAL Switchable Privacy Glass provides privacy, a look of openness, and natural lighting while providing a sense of spaciousness. The sleek appearance of it blends seamlessly with any decor and gives a stylish and contemporary look to any interior decor. It is a versatile piece for any type of decoration and can be used seamlessly at the home, office, hotel, or commercial setting.

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How Does AKAL Switchable Privacy Glass Work?

Switchable privacy glass comprises laminated nanometer-sized particulate suspended in a liquid. It is a liquid crystal dispersed in a polymer with adjustable light-scattering capabilities, which can be controlled through the use of electricity. Such a laminate is enclosed in between two sheets of plastic or transparent glass or secured to a single layer of either of these materials. Under ideal conditions, particles suspended in the laminate are randomly placed and block and absorb light, making the glass and laminate opaque. It is only when tension is applied to this laminate that the suspended particulate aligns themselves, allowing light to pass through, rendering the partition transparent.

The supply voltage can be altered to ensure that varying amounts of light can pass through. They can also have more precise control to allow a known amount of light, heat, and glare to pass through. This can be done manually or automatically. The film or laminate has a conductive copper strip along its edges that allows for the conduction of electricity. This film is powered by a step-down transformer. Automatic controls can activate this privacy at any time and can even be connected to light sensors that are activated when a certain level of light is detected.

The privacy glass can be converted into a projection screen if required and eliminates the need for curtains and other furniture. This can be very useful in areas where hygiene is a concern.

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Our switchable glass is energy efficient and a powerful tool to open up offices and illuminate rooms with natural light. 

Our switchable privacy glass uses a low-voltage electrical current to arrange liquid crystal molecules into a pattern that makes glass transparent when turned on. Turned off, the liquid crystal molecules revert to a random pattern, diffusing the light and causing the glass to become opaque.

Glass is increasingly used in offices to provide partitions between workspaces. The use of this material allows natural light from outside windows to be available to the entire working area, while still creating some privacy between areas. Glass also increases energy efficiency because of its physical qualities. The disadvantage of this increased use, however, is the loss of privacy that is often necessary for offices when confidential matters need to be discussed.

Fortunately, technology has come up with the solution of switchable privacy glass where glass gets transferred from transparent to opaque and back again with the simple use of a switch. They can even be operated by apps, or even through motion sensors that see the wave of a hand. Switchable privacy glass can be used in many situations besides offices and is installed in shower enclosures, changing rooms in retail stores, transaction windows, and anywhere where such changeable partitions are desired.

AKAL installed the amazing Electric glass in our brand new london office and we would recommend them to anyone, brilliant job
Robert Eland

AKAL Switchable Privacy Glass units are manufactured with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship available, tailored to meet all professional and personal spacing needs. Our privacy glass can be used in a wide range of configurations, including offices, retail, and entertainment settings. In addition, all our offerings are notable for their low reflection coefficient.

AKAL Switchable Privacy Glass has been extensively tested in the harshest environmental conditions to ensure unmatched safety and durability. The dependable quality and performance of our glasses are evident in every product we offer to our clients. This also translates to superior reliability, the ability to withstand all possible usage configurations.

AKAL Switchable Privacy Glass offerings belong outside the box, offering a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes. We understand that personalization is key to our clients’ satisfaction, and our ability to offer them a personalized privacy glass is a result of this commitment.

Our professional experts can meet all your installation needs, and they will ensure a flawless installation and maintenance of our switchable privacy glass in both residential and commercial settings. Boasting nearly ten years of experience in the residential, commercial and retail sectors, our professionals will always be at your side to answer all your questions and provide you with an unsurpassed customer service experience like you’ve never had before.

Our Switchable Privacy Glass can be incorporated into any single- or multi-way environment. For example, on the front entrance doors of a store, to the roof of a building or the inside walls of a theater.

With the added benefit of natural sunlight but keeping privacy and others’ presence away, your Switchable Privacy Glass will help you to adapt to a changing industry landscape without needing to integrate any other technology. At AKAL Switchable Privacy Glass, we love practical, flexible, and affordable solutions. So, choose yours today!

Your office needs a great interior design that blends aesthetics with functionality, and our professional design experts understanding the many intricacies involved in delivering customer-oriented services will assist in your vision with the utmost professionalism.

Our experts will first evaluate your setting to determine what is needed for your space and then will recommend a custom solution that will fit into your specific requirements and preferences. They will be there at every step of the process, from modeling to drafting to installation. Contact us today to discuss your needs and let us guide your journey in building your perfect privacy-focused, stylish, modern, and functional space.

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