Can Curtain Walling really save Money?

Curtain walling systems are very useful for- and are typically installed in- commercial structures, rather than residential buildings. This structure is designed to shield your building from various adverse weather conditions, such as wind, rain, sunlight, and noise. What’s more, is that they can really save your business the extra cash.

Many businesses may think that customized window and door systems will be more expensive than fabricating a plain glass or wood building. Nonetheless, it will boost the value of your property and give you a great return on your investment. A lot of the cost and time of building and constructing a new glass building compared to using an already existing one in the property will be constituted in the cleaning purpose.

Types of Curtain Walling

Curtain Walling can be found in varying types, which, of course, will be of great help if you want to choose the one most appropriate for your needs. Below are some of the types of curtain walling systems that you can choose for your building project:

  1. Unitized curtain walling: This system is characterized by the use of glass components such as window panels, window glazing, window frames, architectural framework, and glass roofing panels.
  2. Stick walling system: Meant for small residential and commercial properties, this one is simply attached at the spring line, imitating the design of the projected wall surface area.

While not designed only to protect the building from unwanted access by outsiders, curtain walling systems are a unique security feature. They are made of aluminum with tempered glass, and the frames of the curtains are machined from aluminum sections.

How Are Curtain Walling Systems Beneficial to Save Cost?

The design of quality curtain walling for your business or home is very important. You are not only safeguarding your building but also pioneering the potential for increased quality and curb appeal. A to Z printing and presses are those that will come up with reliable curtain walling ideas along with a durable roof of your building.

1. Affordable:

Curtain walling systems provide the architects with the convenience of not needing to install expensive materials and fixtures. They lessen the maintenance and repair costs of your buildings and internal facilities as well.

2. Easy Installation:

Curtain wallings are very easy to install, which means you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money hiring contractors. They usually only take a few days to set up efficient barriers to protect you from the strong weathering factors.

3. Environmentally Friendly:

Curtain walling systems are fabricated from high-quality aluminum frames, which are known to last longer than wood or glass; thus, they improve the sustainability and the energy performance of the buildings.


Now you know what kinds of curtain walling systems you have to choose from; however, it is highly recommended that you get a professional architect to help you make the decision. In the very beginning, the structure should be checked and made stronger for reliable functionality, beauty, security, and overall solid construction

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